Our visit at Ledger



Ledger has several buildings to organize the different tasks

At the « pôle innovation », we listened to a conference about Ledger and its history.

We visited the production line and the rooms for relaxing, having coffee, playing babyfoot…

The visit of the company was in English.

Thank you to Yamileth and David Balland for your welcome!

« The visit was good. It was very interesting for people who are interested in new technologies. »

—Sarah Laplace, PSTMG 1


Ledger is a start-up that makes hardware wallets (a flashdrive that allows to store and secure cryptos like bitcoins)

They make products that are both for people and companies.

Ledger has lots of partners and many companies invest in their products.

Chloé Carmentos, PSTMG1



Ledger was founded in January 2015 after the merging of Chronocoin, radioceros and the house of bitcoin. In Vierzon there are 51 employees and 120 in Paris. Its development and production unit are located at the Sologne Technological Park. They also have offices in San Francisco, New York and Hong Kong. They sell their products in more than 160 countries.



Arthur Debroye and Lamouri Kaoues, PSTMG1


Ledger has evolved very quickly and the income has increased a lot. In the future, the production site of Vierzon will be bigger. They will move to another building this summer.


Jean Ballandras, PSTMG1



At Ledger, the different parts of the hardware wallet are handmade. There are between 10 and 12 employees on the production line.


Thanks to the « workplace » facility, Ledger takes care of the employees’ well-being.  They want them to feel well at work to be more productive. They can relax and play babyfoot in some spaces. They will soon have a swimming pool as well.


Employees have different profiles but they all need to be creative and have a good level of English as well as being interested in new technologies.

Léo Lara, PSTMG1

« I enjoyed visiting Ledger. I want to work in this company because the team is dynamic. I find it very important to protect the data of people. »

Jean Ballandras, PSTMG1
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